Nolan Ryan Owns The Texas Rangers

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08.05.10 12 Comments


In what may be the best story of the year for baseball purists and people who hate Mark Cuban, Nolan Ryan is now the owner of the Texas Rangers. After a long, arduous and embarrassing process, the ownership team of Pittsburgh attorney Chuck Greenberg and the Hall-of-Famer Ryan outbid Cuban and his partner Jim Crane to secure ownership of the Rangers after former owner Tom Hicks famously sank the team into bankruptcy. Hicks has been living in exile since he did, in fact, mess with Texas.

Initially, creditors had asked the court to hold off on yesterday’s auction, because they believed that Ryan’s team was being unfairly favored over other potential bidders. That’s when Cuban stepped in and gained MLB approval to bid. The auction lasted into the early hours this morning, when Cuban finally surrendered to a $385 million cash bid. Despite alleged bickering throughout the auction, Cuban shook Ryan’s hand and ended the auction. Of course, he probably had a booger on his palm.

Tell us where and when the stars are big and bright, USA Today:

“I’m too tired to be happy,” Greenberg said afterward outside of court. “There were so many times we thought we had it. I think I’ve become temporarily, physiologically, too tired to be elated.”

It was a costly battle, too. Including assumed debt, the price tag for Greenberg’s group will be $593 million, he said, as they first pay off creditors assembled in the wake of current Rangers owner Tom Hicks’ bankruptcy filing.

This is great news for Rangers fans, who are currently enjoying their team’s eight game lead in the AL West. First, because they remembered where Rangers Ballpark is after misplacing the directions for the last 10 seasons, but mainly because Ryan has vowed to keep star outfielder Josh Hamilton in town, as well as trying to hold on to Cliff Lee as well.

Meanwhile, Cuban – now snubbed in efforts to buy the Rangers and Cubs – returns to his layer of skulls to slumber on his bed of supermodels and plot his next ownership move. Spoiler alert: It will probably be the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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