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Officials at the University of Colorado have apologized for the racially insensitive actions of their mascot, which freelanced at a Denver Nuggets game without alerting the school that it would be dressed up as a racist caricature of a gangster.

The incident happened when Chip, CU's costumed buffalo mascot, showed up Friday at the Pepsi Center in Denver for a "kid's night" Nuggets basketball game dressed in "gangster-themed" attire. The fuzzy, cartoon-like buffalo replaced his trademark CU clothing with a white T-shirt and baggy pants, a do-rag and fake gold teeth. The costume also had a graphic of a teardrop tattoo below one eye…

"It was, basically, every stereotypical thing you could think of," CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard said.

Oh no.  That's not even close to every stereotypical thing I can think of.  It's not like Chip was selling drugs or waving a piece of fried chicken around or making my parents lock the car doors at a stoplight.

Still, you'd think that bison, given their history of persecution and near-genocide, would be a little more sensitive to this sort of thing.  I expect this sort of thing from Chief Illiniwek, but not Chip.  Not Chip.  [/breaks down sobbing]

(thanks to Agent Steinz for the tip) 

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