Ouch, My Furry Blue Face

Man, look at that. RipTide ate it.

A rough night for Norfolk Tides mascot, RipTide who took a tumble on his ATV on Sunday, July 15th as the Tides played the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. Not to worry…RipTide and the ATV were just fine.

The good news it that RipTide is like 80% padding and fur, so when he faceplants into the dirt the worst thing he’s got to worry about is whiplash. If a member of the Fun Bunch or whatever had taken that spill we’d have to get all maudlin about a dude dying at a Tides game.

I think the saddest part is that RipTide doesn’t roll with it. He gets up and awkwardly rushes back to his ATV to pretend like nothing happened, and he’s left sitting there revving a broken four-wheeler until somebody comes and gets him. Poor guy.

[h/t Round Rock Express mascot Spike] [yes, I follow mascots on Twitter] [shut up]