North Carolina Turned Into Fainting Goats To Prank Their Quarterback

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.24.13 4 Comments

Quarterbacking is serious business, especially when you’re a junior in college. So when your teammates fall over like fainting goats to prank you because they think it’d be funny, you gotta SPIKE THAT BALL and RUN AWAY.

That’s what Bryn Renner did. Brynner. He became a reasonable level of enraged when his teammates tried to have fun, took off his helmet, ran downfield and refused to high-five any of them when he went back into the huddle. You see, Brynner is not here to play games. If you’re going to be a goat in Bryn Renner’s presence, you’d better be a goat on all four legs goddammit.

The clip:

Bryn Renner, if you’re reading this (and I can only assume you are, having spent all day googling “bryn renner betrayed”), I understand. There is absolutely no excuse for a team of grown men to —

/takes off helmet, runs away

[h/t to Dr. Saturday, GIFs via Tumblr]

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