This College Hockey Player Got Totally Wrecked By A Referee While Celebrating A Goal

March Madness typically refers to the crazy happenings in the NCAA basketball tournament, but there’s plenty of madness going down in the collegiate hockey bracket this year as well.

North Dakota took on Michigan in their round of eight matchup on Saturday, with the Sioux jumping out to an early lead in the first period thanks to this goal from Drake Caggiula. The senior forward buried his own rebound on a pretty nice effort, but as he began to celebrate his work he was inadvertently buried by a referee behind the net.

Thankfully, we don’t have to feel bad about laughing at this because Caggiula was fine and the goal still counts. That’s probably not the way Caggiula envisioned the celebration going down, but I guarantee that was more entertaining that anything he may have had planned.

As for the ref, he might be showing up these prospects by throwing as strong a check as that.