Northwestern is Choke-tastic

10.24.06 12 years ago 2 Comments

Look, I don't pay enough attention to college football. I know this. About all I know is that Ohio State is #1, Michigan is #2, and USC's cheerleaders look great in those white sweaters.

However, as a Northwestern alumnus — even one as apathetic as myself — I would be remiss to not mention Northwestern's 41-38 loss to Michigan State, a game in which the Wildcats blew a 38-3 third quarter lead, the largest collapse in NCAA history. Some people are calling it the "greatest comeback ever," but I don't think you can call it that when Norhwestern's involved. Let's just label it the biggest numerical comeback in I-A history and call it good.

Anyway, great job, Northwestern. Nice homecoming game. If I actually cared about the team, I'd be apoplectic. As it is: meh. We've still got women's lacrosse, right?

P.S. Stop asking me for money.

Note: For those of you who might be worried that I have some journalism credibility because I went to Northwestern, fear not: I graduated from the adequate College of Arts and Sciences, not the highly esteemed Medill School of Journalism.

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