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Welp, this was bound to happen.  Brett Favre has a high school-age nephew, Dylan, who plays quarterback and just set the Mississippi state record for most touchdowns in a season, with 43.  Fortunately, the media is much too savvy to compare a high school junior to the NFL’s longest tenured quarterback.  Um, right?  Some selections from

  • “You know,” the easy-going Favre said in his Southern drawl, “I haven’t really thought about it that much.”
  • “He’s a pretty special athlete,” St. Stanislaus coach Forrest Williams said… “Somebody is going to get a heck of a quarterback.”
  • “He’s athletic, and he’s a competitor,” Southeast Recruiting Analyst Barton Simmons said. “You can see a lot of his uncle in him in the way he improvises and the confidence he has in his arm.”
  • Favre is no prima donna quarterback.
  • “He’s very game-savvy. (Dylan and Brett) are similar-type players, in terms of toughness and personality.”
  • “Be humble and work hard … my dad and uncle are always on me about that,” Favre said.

Guhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I pray to an angry God: please, don’t subject us to another two decades of Favre stories.  Or if You do, at least make the kid keep his helmet on during press conferences.  Yikes.

(thanks to 289 and Raskolnikov)

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