01.05.07 11 years ago 8 Comments

Ask and you shall receive. Commenters wanted more sexy pictures today, and I have no choice but to come through for my readers.

Here are what I believe to be Iranian women playing rugby… although the same guy who says they're Iranian also thinks they're playing American football, so how he can tell the difference between Muslim women from different countries is beyond me. (…or not. I guess he probably just read the Arabic on the original site.)

So here you go. Here are a bunch of sexy, sexy women — exposing their faces AND hands — getting dirty in the Middle East. Rawr! You know you love it.

Okay, okay… I'm not a total dickhead. There's also a nice pic of the now-disappeared Catherine Bell, formerly of JAG semifame. She's of Persian descent, don't you know. So that's about as relevant as any other scantily clad woman on this site.

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