Not Sure If He Shaved His Pucks…Zing?

10.26.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

I wish I had something more clever to add here, but it’s just a guy with a funny shirt at a hockey game. But I wonder, and this isn’t like a gay thing, but did he really shave his balls? I’d think that with a shirt like that, you’re sort of ethically obligated to partake in that element of man-scaping. Was this guy, who apparently is doing well enough to get seats behind the bench of his favorite hockey team, a regular ball-shaver when he acquired this clever little garment, or did he see that tee hanging up in the mall and think to himself, “This would be a wonderful opportunity to enact positive change in my life.” This will eat at me all day.

This is funnier (somewhat) when you consider that this image was actually found on ESPN, the worldwide leader in bald junk. Personally, I like to trim it up down there every so often, not that anyone ever notices. I haven’t really shown it off to anyone since Michelle Beadle changed her cell phone number. Via Joe Sports Fan at KFNS. More from them.

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