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MLB – The forces dictating the Mariners fortunes this year couldn't stand idly by while something as auspicious as King Felix hitting the first grand slam by an AL pitcher in 37 years happened without exacting some proportionately horrible toll upon them. That's why three innings later Hernandez sprained his left ankle taking a slide from Carlos Beltran to the legs while covering home plate, whereupon Felix was forced to leave the game. Seattle still eked out a 5-2 win over the Mets but a stiff price will be paid for that as well. Don't get too attached to your vertebrae, Ichiro… Ben Sheets records his NL-leading third complete game allowing only four hits in a 4-1 Brewers win against the Braves. Good thing too, as Milwaukee's bullpen is surely decimated by the absence of Eric Gagne, which is different than the usual detrimental presence of Eric Gagne…The Nationals are closing in on their desired perfection of the art of losing, dropping their sixth of the last seven with a 3-2 loss to the Angels…The Dbacks Dan Haren picks up his 8th win of the season, but the first onb the road, with seven scoreless innings to outdual Josh Beckett in Fenway…The Royals collect their league-leading 10th win in interleague play with 8-4 win over the Rockies. Not bad for a team that doesn't really belong in either league.

College World Series – Georgia gets a four-run rally in the 8th to overtake Fresno State 7-6 in the first game of the CWS finals.  From the recap: "And while Fresno State's grittiness has been toasted throughout the tournament, Georgia's pluckiness has been almost as memorable." Uh-oh. Grittiness versus Pluckiness? Must not be nary a minority to be found among these squads. An LSU fan's delight, to be sure.

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