Nothing Good Happens In The Outfield At Texas Rangers Games

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05.01.13 17 Comments

Rangers kid gets home run ball thrown back

See that kid in the blue jersey and hat with his face obscured? Yeah, a few seconds before this he’d gotten a home run ball. It’s being thrown back by “his sister,” who is probably not even his sister.

With the Chicago White Sox down 10-4, Adam Dunn launched a ball into the left field stands at the Ballpark in Arlington. A gentleman (a Rangers fan, like everyone else in the picture) caught the ball and gave it to his son. It’s the kind of thing you dream about when you’re a kid. Well, I guess you dream about actually catching it yourself, but your dad snagging it and handing it over is still pretty cool. Anyway, he only had the ball for a few seconds, because the lady to his immediate right — advertised as his sister, although that seems like a cover for “a stranger did this to a small child” — took the ball from him and tossed it back onto the field to a round of applause. In a 10-5 game.

Here’s the clip. Spoiler alert: It has a happy ending.

“That stinks!”

Yes it does. At least he didn’t sob about it and make us field weird when he got a make-up ball, so good for you, kid!

Additional question: When did Jay Landsman become a Rangers fan?

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