Notre Dame Had A Band Member Sing ‘Uptown Funk’ And It Didn’t Go Well

Saturday was a great night for Notre Dame football. The Fighting Irish looked like one of the best teams in the nation with their 38-3 drubbing of Texas, in which their offense ran all over the Longhorns’ defense. Not just that, their Fighting Irish’s defense was suffocating. All in all, you won’t find a Notre Dame football fan who had a bad night.

However, the game does not matter, nor does the score, because we need to talk about the Notre Dame marching band’s performance of “Uptown Funk.

The band itself was really good! “Uptown Funk” is a really popular song that everyone knows and it lends itself really well to being played by a collegiate marching band because it’s a fun, high-energy tune. Notre Dame’s band did do something a little unusual, though, in that it had someone sing along while the song played, and, uh, that guy wasn’t exactly Bruno Mars. We’ll let the Facebook commenters fill you in on what you’re missing.

In this dude’s defense, he is almost certainly not a trained singer by any stretch of the imagination, and by trade, he’s likely an instrumentalist. It’s probably fair to say that there wasn’t much of a bar for him. Also, it takes some serious stones to stand in front of more than 46,000 people and sing a song, so credit to him for this.

But still, this was so bad. The worst part comes early in the song when he sings “This one, for them hood girls / Them good girls / Straight masterpieces” and his voice cracks as he says “masterpieces.” It’s enough to make a chill go down your spine. Hopefully this dude gets a chance at redemption later this year, and in the meantime, take “Uptown Funk” cover lessons from Rick Astley.

(via SB Nation)