Notre Dame Woman Golfer Cheated

05.12.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

Annie Brophy might be one of those girls who lies about her weight and embellishes stories about encounters with famous people, because that’s what I see golfers at Notre Dame doing when they lie about their scores. It’s fine if you’re playing a nassau at your friend’s bachelor party, but not so much at an NCAA Regional.

Brophy, 22, of Spokane, Wash., said she can’t remember when she came up with the idea of turning in inaccurate numbers to, which posts scores in three-hole increments to the Web. However, Brophy insists she planned on turning in her actual score when the round ended. She never made it that far.

NCAA tournament officials pulled her off the course on the 14th hole and disqualified her for unsportsmanlike conduct…“I had no idea my individual score would mess so much with team scores,” she said. –GolfWeek.

So she’ll be graduating with the stain of a cheater on an otherwise impressive career (she was the Big East tournament medalist as a junior last season). She’ll have to carry that shame with her forever. On the other hand, hey, nice ass. I can always find a silver lining with these stories. It’s a gift, really.


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