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The worst idea in college basketball still hasn’t died. There’s a pocket of jagoff coaches out there that are still looking to expand the NCAA tournament field (in Division I, i.e. the only division you or I care about) to 96 teams.

“I don’t think there’s anything in college basketball that’s more important than expanding that field,” Wright said.

Wright said about 18 percent of the teams get in the Big Dance, but more than that have a good season. He thinks several more teams belong in the Tournament.”I would start at 96 with the idea that we would even go beyond that,” Wright said. Dan Patrick Show/SI.com

Why not just let everyone in? It’s not like the season means anything anyway. It’s not like we haven’t already dissolved five months of basketball into three weekends anyway. Hell, let’s allow Boise State’s football team into there. Might as well include everyone. Boise State never gets a fair shake in the BCS. Why not let them in the tournament? And let’s award a bid to the US men’s curling team. They didn’t suck that bad. And why not invite supermodel Anne V. She’s totally underrated. And what about…

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