And Now, Dramatic Readings Of Sh*tty Comments From ‘My Purse My Choice’

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08.29.13 5 Comments

NFL tote My Purse My Choice10 days ago, we were the first to share a video called ‘My Purse My Choice,’ wherein two women rage, RAGE against the dying of the “allow me to bring a regular purse into football games” light. The NFL, you see, is making women use small, clear, NFL-branded totes in lieu of their day-to-day handbags because it “improves stadium security,” and because Vera Bradley is right beside Ayman Al-Zawahiri on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list.

Anyway, Jay Busbee over at Shutdown Corner got ahold of it and put a harmless, funny parody video in front of a Yahoo audience that gets enraged by everything and the video exploded. Soon it was on CNN, The Today Show, six different Bleacher Report slideshows (I’m assuming) and everywhere else. As the audience for the clip grew and grew, the understanding and ability to reason of its viewers got thinner and thinner until all the YouTube comments were about how the comedians were ugly bitches who are responsible for white genocide and misandry. Or … something.

To celebrate this massive audience, members of The New Movement theater in New Orleans put together a series of dramatic readings of their favorite My Purse My Choice comments. That is below. Jay, if you’re reading this, show it to someone who’d think making a white child read a YouTube comment is offensive.

If #MyPurseMyChoice dies out, maybe we can make #WhiteCountriesForEverybody a trending topic.

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