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09.30.10 13 Comments

This is almost two weeks old, and while I hate posting old news this is the first time I’ve seen this and it involves everything I love about sports – fighting and kids with bad role models. The Pearland Patriots and the Pearland Hurricanes faced off in a good old-fashioned Texas pee-wee league football contest, and the results were more like the nosebleed seats of a Miami Hurricanes game. Coaches from both teams brawled during the game, forcing league officials to disqualify both teams from the league playoffs.

The video is quite captivating, as two coaches are seen exchanging words – undoubtedly disagreeing on where to have ice cream after the game – and then two guys are rolling around on the ground, and then all the guys in orange come running after a guy in blue, who appears to have pissed his pants, and, well, it’s all a bit chaotic. Never in my 56 years of covering Texas pee-wee league football have I witnessed something so shameful.

Video after the jump, plus a Bad News Bears-esque update…

As you can hear, the brawl actually started because the kid who laid the nasty block on the Patriots’ touchdown run got into it with the kid he faceplanted. Then the parents took over and showed those little p*ssies how it’s done.

But now the coaches and parents from both teams have joined together to petition the league to… let them play. Players, parents, coaches and the local news were not allowed in a league meeting last night, so they all sat outside and protested. And did they get the results they wanted? Will the first place Patriots be able to play for the title they so rightfully deserve? Will the children witness their coaches and parents come together in harmony to make up for their boorish behavior by redefining good sportsmanship?

No. The league upheld its decision. You all can go home now.

But just because…

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