And Now, Your MMA Leg Break Of The Day


The following clip comes to us from last March’s WOCS 24 event in Brazil. “WOCS” stands for “Watch Out Combat Show.” The gentleman on the right did not “watch out” when he threw a kick to his opponent’s shin and found himself with a HORRIFYINGLY BROKEN LEG. He doesn’t seem to notice it until he tries to put weight on it, and the ploooop, spaghetti leg.

His opponent’s reaction is great, too. First concern, then panic, then sorrowful acceptance. I’m with ya, buddy.

If you’d like to enjoy this video even more, watch it while listening to this.

An angry fist-shake to Middle Easy for making a joke about him doing ‘The Sprain’ before I could. Every MMA leg break video needs ‘Saved By The Bell’ references in it.

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