03.16.07 11 years ago 5 Comments

Poor, poor Duke. I feel just awful. And yet relieved that I got the Duke Sucks video posted before they were ousted.

But while we dance gleefully on Duke's grave, how 'bout that Eric Maynor? Dude took over the game in the final minutes, looking like a young Stephon Marbury back when Starbury was a name that mattered. And how about this: as the Fanhaus's Nathan Fowler pointed out, Maynor grew up (and still is) a HUGE North Carolina fan. That's gotta be delicious.

In other NCAA news, I'm pleased to report on Xavier's nail-biting win over BYU. Take that, Mormons. That's what you get for treating your fellow man with respect and spreading the word of God while helping impoverished nations. Jerks.

For all the rest of March Madness, I direct you to Sportsline's bracket. I've made the switch from ESPN… and it feels good.

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