Now That’s A Fantastic Soccer Flop

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02.25.11 3 Comments

Bryan Carrasco plays for the Chilean under-20 national soccer team and today he is well on his way to becoming a global Internet superstar. During a 1-0 loss to Ecuador in the South American Under-20 World Cup qualifier, Carrasco took flopping to a whole new level by grabbing Edson Montano’s hand and slapping himself in the face. The act drew a free kick for Carrasco, but now that the video has made the web rounds, he has brought shame to his nation. Just kidding, nobody cares about soccer.

Except for The Daily Mail, of course, which gave that wanker bloody ‘ell:

It was certainly a slap in the face for football as well as Carrasco and to compound his felony, the whole thing was picked up on TV and played again and again by disbelieving pundits.

It all proved in vain for our Chilean cheat though, who at 5ft 6in is in danger of being accused of Little Man Syndrome. His side lost 1-0 to exit the tournament before it even began.

Hmmm, 5-foot-6, chip on his shoulder and willing to do anything to win? Carrasco will be in a New England Patriots jersey by June.

Video after the jump…

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