Now That’s How It’s Done, Philly

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09.08.10 7 Comments

Kansas City Wizards coach Peter Vermes, pictured adorably in his mug shot, was arrested back in August on charges of driving while intoxicated, and most of us never heard about it because 1) He’s a soccer coach, B) It’s the MLS, and III) It’s Kansas City. But that didn’t stop fans of the Philadelphia Union from doing their homework and bringing some serious A game to their Saturday match against the Wizards. You could even say they brought their serious AA game. *bowtie spins, falls asleep at red light*

When the Wizards took the field at PPL Park, Union fans serenaded Vermes with their own special rendition of “99 Bottles of Beer.” And they didn’t stop after one verse, nor did they stop after 2, 5 or 10. They sang every verse of the song, with a few breaks here and there to celebrate the action or to acknowledge other events, but nevertheless this is one of the most dedicated attempts at heckling that we’ve ever seen in a sporting event. It’s nice to see that we’ve moved beyond throwing up on people and flinging batteries around. *sniffs* Our angry sports town is all growns up.

Video after the jump.

Fans also even changed the lyrics of the song to specifically call out Vermes, in case, you know, anyone was wondering why they were singing it. Some fans even started a chant of “Over the limit, under arrest.” All in all, this is a pretty impressive, elaborate undertaking by these fans. Then again, I guess when you spend your days watching soccer you have a lot of free time on your hands.

Video via Dirty Tackle.

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