And Now, A Two Hit Knockout

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08.26.13 2 Comments

You know that old saying from The Breakfast Club about a fight only having two hits, Judd Nelson hitting you and you hitting the floor? Observing Judd Mathematics, this fight has three hits.

Australian boxer “King Craig” Craig Vitale recently fought Joe “Massacre” Muir at the Grand Star Receptions in Altona North, Victoria, and knocked him out with two punches. Two*. I’m guessing they call him “Masscare” because when he fights, oh man, he gets massacred. We don’t write about boxing a lot unless we’re recapping Rocky IV or waxing nostalgic about the time Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s head, so sometimes it’s nice to go back and observe the swift brutality that made it popular in the first place.

For comparing and contrasting fun, watch Vitale’s knockout and then watch this clip from Jungle Fight 56, wherein it takes Warlley Alves six unprotected shots to the chin to drop Mike “The Problem” Jackson. Spoiler alert: “The Problem” is “not getting his hands up.”

For best results, jump to the 1:45 mark.

*Okay, so the fight was technically in the second round. Still, though, a ton of bricks doesn’t drop like that.

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