And Now, The World Record Highest Basketball Shot

Yes, there’s a world record for “highest basketball shot,” and yes, it happened in the Netherlands. Not making that up.

But yeah, YouTube’s How Ridiculous went to Rotterdamn over the weekend to break the world record, and accomplished the feat in only 62 tries. That little black circle is the ball, fresh from the Australian guy identified only as Kyle. I really hope he’s identified in the Guinness Book as just “Kyle.” Kyle launched the ball from the top of the tower and drained it from 98 meters up. In American, that’s over 321 feet.

Here’s the clip, which I recommend starting and stopping 62 times before he actually makes it.

Your move, Dude Perfect.

By the way favorite part of the video by far is the YouTube description, which contains the most wonderfully random mission statement I think I’ve ever read:

At How Ridiculous we are passionate about seeing children released from poverty in Jesus’ name.

How amazing does that clip become if you imagine that THE DEVIL is at the top of the tower with Kyle, creeping over his shoulder, whispering “if you don’t make this shot in under 100 attempts, I will keep Amsterdam’s children poor FOREVER,” and Kyle’s all, “NO SATAN I WON’T DO IT, FREE THOSE CHILDREN IN JESUS’ NAME” and BOOM, 98 meter trick shot?

[h/t IASID]