And Now, The Worst Fantasy Football Tweets You Will Read This Year

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This morning has been a stressful one on the Twitters, as it was reported that Adrian Peterson left the Minnesota Vikings because someone either in his family or close to his family was in critical condition at a hospital in South Dakota. Then came the most awful report imaginable, that it was Peterson’s two-year old son who was in critical condition, and it was the result of his mother’s 27-year old boyfriend beating him. As my friend and UPROXXian colleague David D. put it, it’s a number of any man’s fears rolled into one.

Eventually, more details came out and it was revealed that Peterson returned to practice and that “his son was indeed victim of beating, but it wasn’t Adrian Peterson Jr.” Still, a child was beaten severely by a horrible human being, and this is, if anything, an issue of perspective. It is not, however, a time to worry about what this could have meant to Adrian Peterson’s fantasy football value.

But, f*ck it, this is 2013. You knew someone would go there.

I don’t know who Walter Cherepinsky is, but I guess he’s pretty popular with the fantasy football fans. Nor do I know who is behind @FantasyGM and with just 176 followers, I don’t think too many other people give a crap who he is either. That’s why I’ll just use a split second of my time to give them the proper response: