Now You See It…

After it was revealed that Tiger Woods had snogged just about every Perkins waitress, porn star and party girl on both sides of the Mississippi during his marriage, it seemed pretty obvious that his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, was going to hold him upside down and shake him until every last penny of his billion dollar net worth fell out. So we were all a little surprised when she walked with just $100 million, with which she purchased the above 6-bedroom mansion in Palm Beach.

But now, according to the Daily Mail, Nordegren is proving that there’s only one way to get the stink of the world’s best golfer’s affairs out of your carpet – tear that mother f*cking house down. Claiming that 6 bedrooms aren’t enough for her and her two children, Nordegren had the entire 9,000-sq. ft., $12 million mansion demolished so she could build a new, larger mansion from scratch.

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