The NY Daily News Doesn’t Seem To Care Much For Robinson Cano Anymore

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The New York Daily News has published several articles about former New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano in the last day. One is a relatively tame look at how Cano’s new 10-year, $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners went down and how he thinks that the Yankees showed him no respect in their negotiations. Another is how this affects the Yankees. The third, though, as you can see by the banner image, is a bit of a doozie, as there’s a lengthy report that accuses Cano of being, among other things, a deadbeat dad.

According to the article, 38-year old Jackelin Castro, the mother of Cano’s 3-year old son, claims that Cano is constantly late on the $600 monthly child support payment that he’s supposed to be making, and a judge has ordered that amount to be doubled. But Castro maintains that not even $1,200 is enough for the sake of her son’s future, and she would like the new amount multiplied by 20, please and thank you.

“We’re talking about someone who made $15 million last season,” she said. “Robinson, the son, he doesn’t have a secure income as of now. That’s a shame.”

At Thursday’s hearing, Cano was ordered to start paying the pension amount immediately, including a December installment. Diaz said an attorney for Cano was present at the hearing.

In addition to the pension issue, Diaz said she is demanding that Castro get much more per month than the $600 she now receives in sporadic child support payments.

“We are fighting for $25,000 a month,” Diaz said. “We believe that is fair.” (Via the NY Daily News)

Castro claims that she lives in a small house in the Dominican Republic, while Cano lives in a much larger house in a gated community with his fancy cars, and all she has is the BMW that he bought for her. Unlike Castro, though, Cano seems to be content with leaving this matter to be settled by a judge.

“I will not fight it in the media, nor will I say anything disparaging about the mother of my child or comment any further,” Cano said in the statement. “I look forward to an amicable resolution that will allow me time with my son.”

Hopefully not in Seattle, though, because airfare from the DR to SEATAC probably costs, like, $1,000. Nobody has that kind of cash.

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