NY Giants Still Not Impressed With Rex Ryan

08.13.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

HBO’s Hard Knocks debuted the New York Jets Wednesday night, and head coach and unhinged jaw enthusiast Rex Ryan already has NFL fans talking with his remarks that the Jets are better than everyone. While he made a series of bold statements in a speech during the first few minutes of the show, none is weighing heavier throughout New York and New Jersey than his claim that the Jets are the kings of New York. In fact, experts believe his rant may have broken records for crotch grabs, spitting and use of the word “mook.”

Taking umbrage with his Empire State of mind are the New York Giants, who are apparently quick to remind Ryan that it’s their town and their stadium. And if you don’t think this is going to cause some fireworks when the two teams meet for preseason action Monday night then you are wrong. Because both teams are going to play with never-before-seen fiery intensity. For about three minutes and then Mark Brunell will come in.

Tell these guys to fuhgeddabowdit, NY Daily News:

[M]ake no mistake about it, the stakes have undoubtedly been raised for the Giants after months of trash-talking by the Jets, followed by Ryan’s we’re-better-than-everybody rant during the first episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks. Most of the Giants swore they didn’t watch it. But Thomas did and he marveled at the “arrogance” of the Jets’ head coach, which has clearly rubbed off on their team.

“You hear it in the back of your mind, but you don’t pay no attention to it,” Thomas said. “Until they win the Super Bowl, until they start dominating teams – – and just don’t do it one year – – we’ll consider it. But until then, everybody knows it’s a Giants town.”

Ryan’s Hard Rocks debut has been received surprisingly well for how brash he is, as many people are praising his “every man” charm and willingness to say whatever is on his mind. The outspoken coach also commented, much like every coach in the league, that his team has one goal this season – to win the Super Bowl. It’s how he plans for the Jets to get there that’s most interesting, as Ryan told his players that the team with the most wins is the Super Bowl champion.

When reached for response the 2007 Giants said, “Really? Most wins, you say? Because we had 10 regular season wins. We honestly don’t remember how many wins the New England Patriots had when we beat them but we think it may have been more than 10.” Added the Giants, “Have your sisters asked about us?”

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