03.05.07 11 years ago 9 Comments

I was going to let the assistant editor tackle this subject in Saint Andrew's Net, but it's a pretty slow day so I figured I'd brush up on my shameless self-promotion.

With Leather readers and leggy females in and around New York City are welcome to see me show off my verbal stylings with fellow giants of the blogosphere Will Leitch, Dan Shanoff, Henry Abbott, and the minds behind the Dugout and Faith and Fear in Flushing at the next Varsity Letters reading series this Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. The location is Happy Ending on the Lower East Side, a low-lit lounge that was formerly a Chinese "massage parlor." In other words, it's the best possible site for a With Leather reading. Aside from an actual Chinese massage parlor, of course.

Details for curious readers and bi-curious women are available here at Gelf Magazine, which hosts the series. That link also contains in-depth interviews with (and pictures of) all the bloggers, so prepare your computer for overheating when I reveal all about the "seamier side of sports."

Anyway, get there early, because the joint's gonna fill up fast, and I'm much funnier when you're drunk.

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