O.J. Mayo Suspended For 10 Games

01.28.11 7 years ago

Memphis Grizzlies player O.J. Mayo, who you might remember earlier this year as that guy who did not pay what he owe (I f-cking love that video), was suspended yesterday for 10 games when he tested positive for a substance not allowed in the league. This is pretty surprising for a guy who has kept out of controversy for most of his basketball career.

The league announced the suspension Thursday for Mayo’s positive test for dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Mayo’s suspension will start Friday night when the Grizzlies visit Philadelphia, and he will be able to return Feb. 15 also against the 76ers in Memphis.

Mayo said in a statement released by the team that he is extremely disappointed he will miss 10 games as the Grizzlies are making a push for the playoffs. He blamed an over the counter supplement that he didn’t know was banned by the NBA for the positive test.-ajc.com.

If you ask a doctor (or look it up on Wikipedia like I did), you’ll find that DHEA is indeed a steroid, which means that yes, Memphis journalists, you can use all those headlines combining “O.J.” and “juice” that you’ve been saving ever since O.J. Simpson left the sports world. I’m a simple man who enjoys the more refined side of rap, so “O.J. DA JUICEMAN” is perfectly fine with me. And yes, I worked entirely way too hard on that header picture. That was, like, 15 minutes. Do you know how valuable my time is? Don’t answer that.

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