This Surfing Dog At An Oakland Athletics Game Will Help You Forget About Your Troubles

Last month, the San Francisco Giants had a Bark at the Park night, which was highlighted by a wonderful dog who skateboarded better than most humans. At the time, it appeared as though he was the runaway favorite for best baseball dog of 2016, but now, that dog has some stiff competition from another dog who loves action sports.

Not to be outdone by their Bay Area rivals, the Oakland Athletics had their own Bark at the Park event on Friday at the Oakland Coliseum, and they featured a real life surfing dog named Ansley who expertly rode a wave before the game. Just look at him go, this is clearly a dog who has spent some time on a surfboard in the past. Kelly Slater has nothing on him.

As for who is the true MLB Dog of the Year, I will never make you choose between surfing dog and skateboarding dog, so we will just call them both winners. If you thought Ansley was the only good doggo at the game last night, though, the Athletics’ Twitter account made sure to prove you wrong.

Clearly inspired by all of the wonderful pups at the park, the Athletics came away with a 1-0 victory over the Rays on a 13th inning walk-off single by Coco Crisp.