Oakland Raiders Fans Got Screwed On Sunday

09.20.11 8 years ago 14 Comments

If you’re an Oakland Raiders fan, you’re probably pretty excited about this year’s team, despite their loss on Sunday. Then again, if you’re a Raiders fan, you may have not even known that the Raiders lost on Sunday, since the Los Angeles TV station showing the game cut it off in the final minute, as the Raiders were holding onto a 4-point lead. With 27 seconds left, Buffalo quickly found the red zone and…

Before the shotgun snap even took place with Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick calling signals, the swirling CBS logo came up, followed by a commercial for McDonald’s sausage McMuffins, one for a cell phone company, another for Nissan, one more for McDonald’s extra-value menu, a station promo the “CSI” season premiere, and then an aerial shot of with Jim Nantz proclaiming: “Looking down at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass. – Chargers, Patriots … hello friends.”

(Via Los Angeles Daily News)

I guess being on the East Coast, I have no clue when stuff like this happens, because I watched the end of this game on three TVs as CBS was cutting to it on every feed we had on at the time. Of course, it doesn’t affect me one way or another to miss the end of that game, but I can’t even imagine the rage that Raiders fans must have been feeling.

At least the NFL understands their pain.

The NFL offered neither an apology nor an offer to revisit the policy to see if it can altered in future weeks.

“Los Angeles is a secondary market for the Chargers,” NFL TV spokesman Dan Masonson said. “All secondary markets must carry in their entirety all road games of their local team.”

That’s all your [sic] obligated to say?

“We have nothing to add, that is the policy,” he said.

Again, I can totally understand how upset Raiders fans must have felt on Sunday. But in fairness, I had to watch the entire Miami Dolphins game, so I will trade places with you all whenever you want.

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