A Trio Of Fights Broke Out Among Players At A Recent Raiders Practice

A handful of players on an NFL team got into fights during OTAs on Tuesday. Would you like to guess what team this was? Your one hint is that it wasn’t the Bengals. Okay? Guess.

*waits a second*

You’re right, it was the Raiders! According to CSN Bay Area, three fights broke out during a recent OTA. It was so intense that CSN dubbed one of the fights “the main event.”

Guard Jon Feliciano locked horns with defensive lineman Leon Orr first, and exchanged shoves early. Guard Vadal Alexander and defensive end Damontre Moore quickly tussled late.

Those skirmishes bookended the main event, when Kelechi Osemele and Jihad Ward mixed it up and some punches were thrown. Defensive line coach Jethro Franklin made the combatants shake hands, and no ill will carried beyond the practice session.

Having a main event in the middle of a card is usually a bad idea, but I guess in this instance it’s not too terrible. Anyway, Raiders coach Jack Del Rio – who implemented a “no fighting” policy last year – decided to take these moments as a teaching opportunity due to the fact that all six fighters were either in their first or second years with the team. So kudos to Del Rio for finding a way to turn a negative (fighting) into a positive (a lesson). He’s a regular George Bluth.

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