The Oakland Raiders Are Being Sued By Their Own Cheerleaders, Because Of Course They Are

The Oakland Raiders had a complex and difficult season, what with all the Coliseum jumpers, middle finger raising and Guy Fieri appearances. If you thought that struggle was over just because the Raiders aren’t still playing football games, sorry, everybody.

According to a report from CSN Bay Area, the Oakland Raiderettes have filed a class action lawsuit against the team for not taking care of them financially and honoring those sorts of obligations that come with, you know, employing people and making them work and travel all the time.

The report:

Bay Area News Group first reported that a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of current and former Raiderettes at the Alameda County Superior Court on Wednesday.

The suit alleges the Oakland Raiders failed to compensate their cheerleaders for hours worked, overtime, business expenses and failed to provide meal or rest breaks.

The case was filed by the law offices of Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams LLP in Oakland, and they claim the Raiderettes are paid $1,250 for working an entire season, which amounts to less than $5.00 per hour. According to the court documents, the Raiderettes sign a contract agreeing to receive their compensation at the conclusion of the season with their wages subject to fines.

If you don’t like the Raiders, hold off on the whole “laughing at them” thing … this lawsuit could be the first of many, spanning the entire league and anyone who shook a pom-pom off the company card.

A spokesperson for the Raiders declined to comment when reached by The Raiders might not be alone. It’s possible lawsuits like this could begin popping up across the league.

“We believe from the way the contract is written, and articles that we’ve seen, that this is a widespread practice throughout the NFL,” Vinick said. “We would encourage women across the NFL to come forward and challenge these provisions.”

While you contemplate the reality of a league at war with the women it pays to like it the most, enjoy this totally superfluous gallery of Oakland Raiders cheerleaders. TO THE LEGAL SYSTEM!