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So Barack Obama had what I’m told was a fencing demonstration, and not a sci-fi convention, on the White House lawn yesterday. I’m tempted to stop short of our sitting president’s apparently rabid enthusiasm for his city hosting the 2016 Olympics, especially after reading this take from Michael Sneed at the Chicago Sun-Times:

The private side: It’s this simple. The bottom-line message to President Obama from Mayor Daley and the 2016 Chicago Olympics contingent at the White House Wednesday: If Obama doesn’t personally pitch Chicago’s bid in Copenhagen next month, we will lose it!

The public side: Chicago 2016 bid champion Pat Ryan tells Sneed: “I am wildly enthusiastic about the fact that the first lady is leading our team in Copenhagen. The bid just left an amazing White House event, hosted by the president and first lady . . . We couldn’t be more excited . . .”

You do the math. via.

I really don’t care about the Olympics, but at the same time, it’d be great if we didn’t have to sit through tape delays to watch basketball and gymnastics. It doesn’t really matter, because once this decision is made by the IOC, it’s the end of this Abe Frohman photoshop either way. That’s too bad, because Ufford really liked rolling in that convertable. Obama img.

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