Obama Re-Ignites American Political Divide Through Friendly Game Of Basketball

08.09.10 8 years ago 43 Comments

So the leader of our free world participated in a pickup game featuring current and former NBA stars, and you can just stop reading here and finish out the “He’s just a regular guy!” or “He should be fixing the economy!” anecdote in your heads. Or

The game was played for a group of “wounded warriors” — troops injured in action — and participants in the White House’s mentoring program. It took place at a gym inside Washington’s Fort McNair, a short drive from the White House. The president was inside the gym for about two hours.

The reporters assigned to keep tabs on the president were shut out of the gym, forced to wait in vans outside. Asked why media coverage was blocked, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama “just wanted to play.”

After the game some of the players joined Obama and a group of his friends for a barbecue at the White House, capping the president’s 49th birthday week. –from the monolith.

The first time I was critical of Obama making such public use of his free time, I was thoroughly destroyed in the comments. But I’m sure it felt great to come back from Iraq and watching my commander-in-chief running up and down the floor while I sat in a wheelchair would have done much to cheer me up. But that’s not the fight I want to pick here.

I want to know who the f–k put “wounded warriors” IN QUOTES! That is not a figurative expression. Those returning soldiers (a) served their country AT WAR, and (b) suffered significant injury. You might even say that THEY WERE WOUNDED. I will stab whoever wrote this in the eye, and then gloat endlessly about how I “wounded” that person.

Where are my pills? And would it be “whoever” or “whomever?” Whatever. Sometimes I really hate Americans.

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