Obituary Cites That Bad Seahawks Playcall As The Reason For A Man’s Death

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks
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Well, it’s official: Pete Carroll and his terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad call in the last seconds of the Super Bowl are responsible for a man’s death. At least according to said man’s obituary in The Spokesman-Review. And he didn’t even have to watch the game to feel the effects of this tragic, tragic badness. That’s right: he missed the game.

Michael Vedvik of Kent, Washington suffered a fatal heart attack hours after the game ended on Sunday night — but he had recorded the game and planned to watch it at a later time. His wife Stephanie explains that he’d been feeling under the weather for a while, but didn’t think it was anything worth visiting the doctor over. She found him in the morning; doctors believe he passed away at about 4:00 AM.

That bad juju was just so powerful.

When it came time to write Vedvik’s obituary, several family members took a pass (oh… oh, I’m so sorry) before sending it to the newspaper. It was his brother-in-law who added the highlighted line:

Michael is survived by his wife Stephanie; daughters Alisha Vedvik, Brittany Mullins (husband Matthew), Chelsea Vedvik; stepdaughters Michelle and Sandy Gaughan; grandson Jayce and granddaughter Layla; father Sven Vedvik, mother MaryAnne Solberg (stepfather Gary Solberg); sisters Tina Piper and Kathrene Peters (husband Dan) and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. Michael attended Rogers High and Spokane Falls Community College. He was a small business owner in Kent, WA and loved his family, work, clients, traveling, the Seahawks and life. We blame the Seahawks lousy play call for Mike’s untimely demise. Mike was greatly loved and will be dearly missed.

Stephanie Vedvik approved, saying: “My husband would have thought it was hysterical. If I had read this obituary to my husband about somebody else, he would have had a laugh.” She also added, “… my husband would have said, ‘What a dumbass.’”

So many props to the Vedvik family to go along with the condolences for finding something to laugh at during such a sad time.