08.28.09 9 years ago 3 Comments

Jesus Christ on a stick, I really could not possibly care less about Chad No-no Thinko. I really can’t. You have to catch more than 53 balls in a season to get on my radar. It’s one thing to get into the mind of an elite athlete that has a bit of quirkiness to his personality. It’s quite another to be Stephon Marbury with a football helmet.

Ochocinco has gone one step beyond [being a garden-variety dipshit]. He’s having a contest on Twitter each week to fly a fan to a Bengals game to be his guest tweeter. via.

And some people think this is “fun” and “awesome” that an active athlete is going out of his way to communicate with fans during the game, but with the way he’s been producing of late, he may not have any fans left. I personally find it awesome when a girl takes her top off in public and says, “Who wants to churn my butter?” That doesn’t mean it’s the best way to spend everyone’s time. I gotta to go back to Amish country soon, if only for the night life.

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