08.21.09 9 years ago

Chad Ochocinco summarized his impact on the National Football League perfectly last night. After the Bengals scored in the second quarter of their preseason game against the Patriots last night, Chad Ochocinco lined up to kick the extra point–and booted it right down the middle. So the team’s No. 1 receiver risked injury last night to post what would eventually be the game-winning score in a contest with no bearing on the season whatsoever? Sounds about right. Chad, please.

It was somewhat reminiscent of a game involving the Patriots in 2000, when Pats coach Bill Belichick sent backup quarterback Doug Flutie out to drop kick an extra point in one of those meaningless end-of-season games, which he converted. It was the first time anyone had done so in 45 years. But Flutie wasn’t a starter with his whole season in front of him. Nor was his last name an impromptu take on Hispanic heritage. Nobody’s perfect, I guess.

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