Odell Beckham Jr. And The Kicking Net Made Up With A Kiss And A Hug

Contributing Writer
10.09.16 2 Comments

After his worst game as a professional in Minnesota, Giants’ emotional wide receiver had a rough week. The media raked him through the coals and Odell even told reporters he wasn’t having fun with football anymore. Really, that was nothing compared to the beating the kicking net put on him a few weeks ago in East Rutherford, while he was in the middle of a meltdown.

It wasn’t all that surprising, Odell was yet again locking horns with his arch nemesis Josh Norman, and he was on the losing end of that battle again despite an impressive individual game where he racked up 121 yards receiving. Coincidentally hasn’t been in the endzone since then, or this season at all, but he returned to greatness Sunday night against the Packers with this absurd, toe-tapping, heel-avoiding touchdown late in the game.

After a lengthy review, it was confirmed as a touchdown and Odell celebrated with his great foe, the kicking net, by giving him (her?) a great big hug.

Always good to see enemies settle their conflicts peacefully. Unfortunately the Giants lost this game as well, after the Packers sealed it up on the very next drive. At least Odell is having fun again.

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