Twitter Destroyed Joe Buck For Blaming Odell Beckham’s Drops On The Giants’ Boat Trip

Getty Image / Conan

Odell Beckham Jr. did not have his best game ever on Sunday afternoon, it’s true. The Giants receiver had multiple drops against the Packers in their NFC Wild Card game, but I mean, it’s like less than ten degrees there.

However, according to Fox play-by-play announcer Joe Buck, OBJ can blame all his troubles on a one-day boat trip he and the rest of the Giants’ receivers took last weekend to Miami on their day off.

After a while though, it got old. And Twitter got sick of it pretty damn fast:

You get the picture. And maybe Joe Buck would take the hint, too, if he was anyone other than Joe Buck. But nope!

One thing to remember is Eli Manning wasn’t always giving him the best throws, either. Here’s one that Beckham was excoriated for that clearly is only barely within Beckham’s universe thanks to his insane reach and leaping ability.

Apparently, Joe Buck didn’t think he needed to jump for it.

Beckham had a heck of a season, and yeah, he’ll be disappointed in his performance at Lambeau. But it’s not because he spent one day off getting some sun and warmth on a boat off Miami Beach, just like the days he goes off for 200 yards and two scores aren’t simply because he stayed in the night before and got a solid eight hours of sleep. He’s a human athlete, and though he can seem superhuman at times, he’s not.

Maybe he’ll go back on a boat to forget about this game, who knows? One thing we do know though is that Joe Buck probably won’t be getting an invite anytime soon.