It Didn’t Take Long For Odell Beckham And Josh Norman To Start Messing With Each Other

09.25.16 3 years ago

Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman don’t like each other at all, but you’d never know it from this clip.

The star wide receiver of the New York Giants and Washington’s top-flight cornerback have famously exchanged barbs on a number of occasions this offseason and, prior to that, there was the epic confrontation between the two during the 2015 NFL season. In the early stages of their Week 3 match-up, though, Norman apparently found it necessary to pick up Beckham Jr. and simply lead him toward the sideline in soft, tender fashion.

Of course, it probably wasn’t quite that friendly on the field, but Norman had the (suspension-worthy) opportunity to really plant Beckham Jr. into the ground and passed. Norman, on cue, put together the “it wasn’t me” routine after letting Beckham Jr. go, but with most of the game still to play, there is plenty of time for fireworks.

From now until the moment that one of the two players retires or declines greatly in stature, there will be increased attention paid to every battle between Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman. In the first edition in 2016, the two men got started early but it could have been much, much worse and, frankly, this was downright friendly.

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