Odell Beckham, Jr. Lost His Damn Mind Against The Panthers, And The Internet Piled On

Odell Beckham, Jr., is having a rough day against the Panthers, to say the least. It all started in the first quarter when he dropped this wide-open pass that would have gone in for a touchdown.

From there, Beckham’s head has appeared to be out of the game entirely. He was held without a catch for the majority of the game, and he and Panthers cornerback Josh Norman got into it on more than one occasion.

Beckham, Jr., however, took it to the next level with several dirty plays. Including three (!) unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

First, Beckham grabbed Norman’s leg after a play.

And then he clearly went head-hunting for Norman during a dead ball, but somehow was not ejected from the game. Despite that, a fine or even a suspension could be warranted for this uncalled for and dangerous play.

People on Twitter of course had some reactions for Beckham losing his temper in a major way.

Beckham also reportedly had an emotional breakdown on the sidelines, saying his teammates didn’t care that they were getting beat down by Carolina.

Beckham obviously can be frustrated that he had a terrible game and the Giants likely would ruin their playoff hopes with a loss, but plays like that one against Norman are inexcusable and it would not be surprising if he doesn’t play for the Giants next week against Minnesota.