Here’s Every Angle Of That Ridiculous Odell Beckham, Jr. Catch That Didn’t Count

Odell Beckham, Jr. is not human. He is a mutant. His superpower is catching footballs with one hand. No one can do what he does. No one. Not anyone in the history of the NFL. Not Jerry Rice, not Randy Moss, not Megatron. Nope, not a single person.

Even when his catches don’t count, they’re still worthy of your time.

During Sunday’s game against the Bills, OBJ made this catch on the Buffalo sidelines. Here’s every ridiculous angle CBS showed.

Even the ref was in awe.

And take a look at the Bills mascot just as Beckham went up for the catch. It’s like he knew something amazing was going to happen.

The Giants went on to win the game, 24-10. Beckham finished with five catches for 38 yards, a somewhat quiet performance for him. He also dinged his knee in the fourth quarter trying to make a block on a Rashad Jennings, though he appeared to be OK on the sidelines.

On the season, Beckham has 24 catches for 307 yards and two touchdowns. He’s fallen behind some of the league leaders in the last two weeks, but is still on pace for 100 catches and 1600 yards. Not too shabby given Eli Manning’s inconsistent play.