Odell Beckham Jr. Apparently Won’t Be Able To Wear His $350,000 Watch On The Field Anymore

The Odell Beckham Jr. Era in Cleveland didn’t get off to the start many expected when the most hyped team in the NFL entering the 2019 season got trounced, 43-13, by the Tennessee Titans in Week 1.

A lot went wrong for the Browns, but Beckham Jr. was solid in his first game since an offseason trade from the New York Giants. The wideout had seven catches for 71 yards, but turnovers, penalties, and a shaky defensive performance put the game out of reach in the late stages and left an fanbase eager for success disappointed once more. Beckham also wore a wildly expensive watch on the field to commemorate his first game with the Browns.

If there’s anything you can criticize about Beckham Jr. in his NFL career it is these minor rule violations or antics that irk team owners and the more conservative fans in the NFL. Beckham has never found himself in real legal trouble, but running afoul of The Shield has been enough for some to consider him a problem athlete. And there was some speculation that he would see punishment from the league, which is notorious for enforcing strict uniform violations.

But on Monday, word came down that the league would be unlikely to fine Beckham Jr. for wearing the watch, although a verbal warning would almost certainly come his way.

Beckham Jr. wasn’t wearing the watch during warmups, but during the game itself a number of people spotted the $350,000 watch on him as the Browns took on the Titans. That’s definitely a bigger deal, and the move seemed to be more ceremonial than anything — NFL stadiums have plenty of clocks that matter more than a wristwatch for an athlete on the field.

The whole incident is much ado about nothing, really, though a nice bit of press for Richard Mille. If you can afford a $350,000 watch, that is.