Who Won The Weekend? Odell Beckham Jr. After He Reminded Us Why We Pay Attention

10.17.16 2 years ago 4 Comments


If someone had just become attuned to the NFL this season, they’d wonder what the hell the big deal was with this Odell Beckham guy. His histrionics dominated the headlines of his mediocre football team, culminating in him losing his mind at a kicking net and breaking down in tears.

It’s maddening, and if you indeed remembered just how special the wideout was over the past two seasons, it was enough to make you question if it was worth it. The New York Giants offense was sputtering despite all of its outside weapons, and Beckham looked beatable. More worryingly, it seemed that everyone knew how to beat him — just get under his skin a little bit, and he would unravel.

After all the hullabaloo, it was encouraging to see Beckham get his first touchdown of the season in Week 5, and make up with that pesky net. And yet, he didn’t crack 60 receiving yards and the Giants lost again. As it turns out, he was simply re-introducing himself to us (and the net).

As of Week 6, however, OBJ is truly back.

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