Odell Beckham Jr. Appeared To Be Crying After Having A Sideline Meltdown


With the New York Giants trailing 26-24 in the fourth quarter against Washington on Sunday, Eli Manning uncorked an interception. That isn’t good under any circumstance, but following the miscue star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. went through a bit of a meltdown.

As seen above, Beckham Jr. took out his aggression on an unsuspecting kicking net on the New York sideline and the net got in a shot of its own. That wasn’t the end, though, as Beckham Jr. was quickly caught on camera and seemed to be crying.

Beckham Jr. did have a fantastic 30-second explosion in which he lit up the Washington secondary and, in particular, arch nemesis Josh Norman. However, the fourth quarter is when tensions are often running at their highest, and Beckham Jr.’s temperament wasn’t exactly desirable in this spot.

There will certainly be debate on the internet (and elsewhere) as to whether Odell Beckham Jr. was actually crying on the sideline of an NFL game, but even if he wasn’t shedding real tears, it is safe to say that he probably didn’t exhibit the best behavior in the aftermath of a fairly run-of-the-mill interception. Manning throws interceptions like that all the time, so you’d think Odell would be used to it by now.