Odell Beckham’s Inability To Keep His Composure Is Killing The Giants

10.04.16 2 years ago


Is Odell Beckham losing his mind?

Maybe everything came too easy to him during his first two seasons in the NFL. Because things are not going as well for his Giants this season, he’s shown numerous signs of frustration that really only surfaced last season … when he tried to murder Josh Norman. Over the past two weeks — both New York Giants losses — Beckham has broken down in tears after beating up a kicking net, and on Monday night against the Minnesota Vikings he was flagged for taunting, although the call was softer than the receiver’s constitution these days.

Now he’s taken to Twitter to quote “Invictus,” a poem written by a man who lost his legs to tuberculosis, which is the same as being unable to keep one’s cool when sports get frustrating.

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