Odell Beckham Jr. Scored A Touchdown And Celebrated By Laying Under The Kicking Net

10.16.16 2 years ago

Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants’ kicking net have been through a lot this year. First, Beckham had a massive sideline meltdown during the Giants’ game against Washington and took his frustrations out on the net, which responded by falling on him and hitting him in the face. A few weeks later, Beckham scored a touchdown against Green Bay and celebrated by hugging the net.

On Sunday, Beckham’s net-related celebrations went to the next level. OBJ scored a touchdown against Baltimore, and after celebrating in the end zone, he ran over to the sideline, went right to the net, pulled it down, and laid under it. He just stayed there for a little, and while there was no rhyme or reason, laying down every now and then and catching your breath is nice. Maybe Beckham just wanted to do this with a little bit of privacy and figured putting a kicking net on top of him would get that point across to everyone.

Was it weird? Absolutely, this is one of the weirdest things we’ve seen in the NFL today. But seeing as how Beckham was saying how he doesn’t think football is fun anymore earlier this month, it’s good to see that something’s giving him joy.

UPDATE: Beckham scored another touchdown and, of course, celebrated with the net.

Eli Manning found Beckham on a slant route, OBJ turned on the jets, and the play came to an end when he made his way into the end zone. To celebrate, he ripped his helmet off, ran to the sideline, found the kicking net, and either proposed or had a conversation with it or something. We have no idea, but no matter what he did, it was awesome.

(Via Deadspin)

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