Of Course The Old Prudes At CBS Rejected A PornHub Super Bowl Commercial

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01.30.13 16 Comments

This isn’t really anything new. Each year, at least one controversial company submits a Super Bowl commercial for airtime approval and it is shot down because no matter what the content is, the network wants nothing to do with that company. It could be a 5-second spot of an open field, but as long as that 5-seconds concludes with a NAMBLA logo, that spot will never see airtime. That’s why it comes as no surprise that CBS shot down PornHub’s oh-so-innocent 20-second spot for Super Bowl 47.

The spot, which you can view after the jump, features two old people sitting on a bench. That’s it. Well, there’s also some light music, but there’s nothing else out of the ordinary that might suggest, say, amateur bondage or a Brazilian fart fetish, but the mere inclusion of that PornHub logo is a dead giveaway that no network would have even taken a second glance.

Naturally, PornHub’s brain trust, including CEO Corey Price who famously offered Chad Johnson $100,000 to begin a new career in adult films, knew that CBS would shoot this commercial down, whether it featured the two old people above or something completely harmless like this:

Or if they just went with an image that any male between 16 and 90 is probably already familiar with anyway:

But they also knew that we’d all be talking about it this week, so PornHub not only saves that Super Bowl ad cash, but it gets the buzz anyway. So well done, PornHub marketing team, you’ve earned a 1-hour orgy break.

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