Of Course Tim Tebow Is Getting An E! Special

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New York Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow hadn’t been in the news for three whole days, so he decided to announce that he was changing his dog’s name, as that is apparently something that people do. Because he planned to play in Denver for the next 10-15 years of his career, Tebow originally named his dog Bronco, but since he was traded to the New York Jets, he wanted to honor the city that he doesn’t live or play in by re-naming his dog Bronx.

And while we could argue the rights or wrongs of changing a dog’s name – it’s wrong, by the way – all day, maybe we should just wait and see if Tebow explains this decision and many others in his very own upcoming E! 30-minute special.

“Tebow is a pop culture phenomenon and the interest in his life expands beyond the world of sports. He’s a compelling personality and has a fascinating story,” a network spokesperson said. (Via NFL.com)

The E! Network, which has also aired specials on Casey Anthony, Lorena Bobbit and Tonya Harding, is no stranger to sports. The network has previously aired specials including, “Which Athlete Should Kim Nail This Week?”, “Mark Sanchez: Teenagers Are The New Lombardi Trophy” and “The 50 Greatest Moments In Locker Room Dick Shots History”.

Tebow also gave the world a glimpse of what his special will really be about – faith, family and hopefully frittatas – when he appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to tell the world how much he loves his mom. Then he changed her name.

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