Oh Awesome, Kevin Hart Is Guest Starring On Next Week’s Monday Night Raw, Cool, Perfect

06.10.14 4 years ago 21 Comments

If you couldn’t get enough of Kevin Hart as a special guest at every sporting event, comedian of choice every time somebody needs to make a joke and star of every movie made in the last two years, perhaps you’ll enjoy him as a guy who shows up to shill a product and emasculate wrestlers on a wrestling show.

Via Philly.com:

Philadelphia’s own Kevin Hart will be the special guest star of WWE Raw next week in Cleveland, Ohio.

The actor/comedian will appear on the show to promote his movie Think Like a Man Too, which will be released in theaters June 20.

Things you can expect:

– Jokes about how Kevin Hart is short
– Kevin Hart being mad at pro wrestlers for being tall
– Kevin Hart wanting to hook up with a WWE Diva, but not being able to because he is too short
– Kevin Hart interacting with Hornswoggle, who is short
– Damien Sandow dressed as Ice Cube in a really insensitive reference to Ride Along
– Kevin Hart beating up Damien Sandow (probably?)


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